Manufacturer Description

Xiamen Jieteda Industry&Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturers of PVC bag,EVA bag, aluminum foil ziplock bag in China, which already have 11 years’ workmanship experience in these lines.Company started producing and exporting business since year of 2007.

Main Product Introduction

We mainly focus on producing PVC zipper bags,PVC cosmetic bags,PVC tote bags,PVC pencil bags,PVC waterproof pouchs,PVC hook bags,PVC card holders,PVC sewing bags and etc.

Company Final Goal

Continuous management improvement, create a workforce with high efficiency and physical and mental health, as the driving force for sustainable development. Mutually beneficial cooperation and development with customers as the company’s goal

PVC Bag Advantage

1, this kind of bag is rich in color, can meet the needs of various people. In particular, it is possible to create a unique transparent bag, and this candy-colored bag is also the most popular among consumers.

2, pvc bag is particularly glossy, the naked eye looks like it will always have the effect of flashing.

3, pvc material bags are cheap, but the finished products are very expensive and fashionable, so they are very popular among manufacturers.

4, pvc material bag will be lighter, which is also a big reason why it is popular with women.

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